Allegiance Academy

Director's Message

Allegiance Academy Kukshi institution was created with an objective of providing an outstanding 360-degree education in character building, leadership, extra and co-curricular activities along with academics with very strong, dedicated and capable team of educators who became the driving force in the growth of the School.
Currently our campuses are child friendly center that encourage students to enjoy learning and explore their own uniqueness. We ensure the schools satisfy the changing demands of the times through improved infrastructure. We believe in providing the best Education, in a stress free learning environment, and inculcate the best values.
We believe that education is not only a tool to achieve professional milestones, but also a means to make lives better, we consider every student to be unique hence offer a platform that lets them discover their goals.
"Our Aim is to provide positive catalytic impulses to every CHILD to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self-discovery process."
I feel proud to say that Allegiance Academy School stands committed to providing comprehensive education which seeks to develop children into academically sound, morally upright and socially well integrated children.
Education is a complete process that leads to the attainment of the full potential of the child. Our endeavor is to equip our students with life-skills to face the real world an all-round development of human potential and personality – physical, mental, moral and spiritual.
Even teachers are always learning. That’s the shared journey that connects teachers to their students. If you’re all learning together, you’re making terrific progress. Our aim is not to only be an administrator but also to be a friend, philosopher and guide to students on whom they can count on and trust at all times.

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Allegiance Academy Kukshi

Allegiance Academy

Principal's Message

Excellence is not a destination; it is a journey that never ends.

With a paradigm shift in the field of education we, at Allegiance aim not only at academic excellence but also promote holistic development of the child. Guided by the unparalleled vision and mission of our Founder, the school philosophy empowers the child to explore beyond the textbook and become lifelong learners, thus, embarking on a quest for excellence.

The school aspires to create an educational environ which focuses on the development of potential, encourages originality in thought and action, cultivates reverence for heritage, sensitivity for environment and promotes internationalism.

The core aspect of value education is deeply embedded in the comprehensive school curriculum. The plethora of events and activities help each child evolve as an academic achiever as well as an ethical and caring global citizen.

Infused with an iron clad will to succeed, the passion to excel and the perseverance to accomplish, each student marches ahead setting historic benchmarks. Fuelled with higher aspirations and motivations, we carve out a luminous path each year and redefine success. I am confident that with renewed faith and vigour we will scale loftier heights and set benchmarks that make us all feel proud.

Mr. Abhishek Srivastava
Allegiance Academy Kukshi